L’ex-batteur de PERIPHERY rejoint DARKEST HOUR

Darkest_Hour_Nov23_Paris_2DARKEST HOUR vient d’annoncer que le batteur Travis Orbin (Ex-Periphery/Sky Eats Airplane) avait rejoint le combo. Il va donc participer au nouvel opus du groupe et déclare: « I’ve been jamming and writing the new record with the guys for over a year. It’s been especially rewarding in that everything was composed in a room together, a wholly organic process that I haven’t experienced in a long while. I’m excited about the tunes, signing on as a full-time member, and can’t wait to hit the road! »
John Hereny (Chant) a ajouté: « This is a very exciting time in the history of the band. Travis is hands down one of the best drummers I have ever seen, and is bringing to the table an incredible and inspiring amount of talent and musical ability. This marks the beginning of a new era for Darkest Hour, one you will have to hear and see to believe! »


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