VOLBEAT en studio avec Rob Caggiano

caggianohansenVOLBEAT vient de nous annoncer que l’ancien guitariste d’ANTHRAX, Rob Caggiano, avait rejoint le producteur Jacob Hansen (Raunchy, Nightrage) pour prendre en charge la production du nouvel album intitulé « Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies ». Michael Poulsen nous révèle: « We’re back in the studio, this time breaking some of our old habits and this sometimes means leaving our comfort zone. We are recording in a new environment, producing with a new set up breaking new sonic ground and it’s exciting! Together with our long time collaborator Jacob Hansen we also have the honor of having producer Rob Caggiano on board in the producer’s seat. Expect lots of surprises and some of our most rocking heavy songs to date. We feel more than ever that we are taking the Volbeat sound to another level without changing what we’re all about. Can’t wait for it to get out there! »



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