MACHINE HEAD annule 9 dates aux US

Robb Flynn vient d’être hospitalisé pour un problème d’hernie, ce qui contraint le groupe à annuler 9 dates de la tournée US. Initialement l’opération chirurgicale devait avoir lieu durant le break en Janvier mais la douleur à forcé Robb à ne plus attendre. Tout l’info est décrite sur le site officiel, on appréciera le commentaire de Robb en personne:
« I’ve been toughing out an inguinal hernia below my waistline since June of last year, and a few months ago got a second hernia in my nuts. What basically happens is my guts drop into my nuts, and it looks like I have a third testicle (man, I can hear the jokes already!) It hasn’t been that painful, and I’ve gone to the doctor a few times to take care of it, but he said after surgery I probably couldn’t sing for a few weeks, and since that wasn’t going to happen, I scheduled it for January when I had a break. Unfortunately, after the last few shows, my guts have been very swollen and hard to push back in. Yesterday, the pain was excruciating and I went to the emergency room last night. They said that I need surgery. I will be doing my damnedest to rejoin the tour in a couple weeks. Thanks to all the fans, bands, and crew for understanding. I’m determined to see you all soon and finish what has been a great freakin tour! »


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