Le DVD à la mémoire de Mitch Lucker (SUICIDE SILENCE) dispo en Mars

mitch-luckerC’est en Mars 2014 que SUICIDE SILENCE sortira le DVD / Blu-ray Live à la mémoire de son chanteur Mitch Lucker. Il s’intitule « Ending Is The Beginning: The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show » et a été filmé le 21 Décembre 2012 au Fox Theater de Pomona en Californie.
Voici le track listing:
01 – “Destruction Of A Statue” (feat. Jonny Davy of Job For A Cowboy)
02 – “Distorted Thought Of Addiction” (feat. Greg Wilburn of The Devastated)
03 – “Ending Is The Beginning” (feat. Brook Reeves of Impending Doom)
04 – “Bludgeoned To Death” (feat. Ricky Hoover, formerly of Suffokate)
05 – “Unanswered” (feat. Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel)
06 – “Girl Of Glass” (feat. Myke Terry, formerly of Bury Your Dead)
07 – “Price Of Beauty” (feat. Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria)
08 – “No Pity For A Coward” (feat. Johnny Plague of Winds Of Plague)
09 – “Disengage” (feat. Cameron “Big Chocolate” Argon of Disfiguring The Goddess)
10 – “No Time To Bleed” (feat. Burke Vanraalte, formerly of With Dead Hands Rising)
11 – “Smoke” (feat. Anthony Notarmaso of After The Burial)
12 – “Wake Up” (feat. Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying)
13 – “March Of The Black Crown”
14 – “Slaves To Substance” (feat. Eddie Hermida, formerly of All Shall Perish, now of Suicide Silence)
15 – “OCD” (feat. Austin Carlile of Of Mice & Men)
16 – “Fuck Everything” (feat. Chad Gray of HELLYEAH/Mudvayne)
17 – “Die Young” (feat. Robb Flynn of Machine Head)
18 – “Roots Bloody Roots” (feat. Max Cavalera of Soulfly, etc.)
19 – “Engine #9” (Deftones cover) (feat. Mitch Lucker through the PA)
20 – “You Only Live Once” (feat. Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God)


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