Atreyu se sépare de son chanteur Alex Varkatzas

La rumeur circulait depuis quelques semaines et c’est Alex Varkatzas qui vient de le confirmer. Il n’est donc plus le chanteur d’Atreyu. Le groupe devrait bientôt l’annoncer officiellement et probablement annoncer le nom de son remplaçant par la même occasion.

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World! Meet Sophia Jean Varkatzas. My darling girl. Life has ruthlessly been taking from me lately . 2019thru2020 has done its best to destroy me. Testing me to my mental limits. The horrible , fake people and things that have exited my life this year have been replaced by something so pure and sweet. It feels like a new start. It’s all possible because @hollie_varkatzas is a superstar. I know one or two people who make some pretty lame/tacky/transparent wife appreciation posts trying to sell an altered version of the truth. It has always seemed so forced it turned me off to it. Years ago my man @josemangin explained it to me in a way that made sense(thanks man). So let me tell you hollie is the real deal. In world full of fake and insincere she is true and steadfast. I love her. Our children are so lucky to have her as the QB . I’m just the running back. (Well i don’t even watch football so😹) have a great day. Be true and sincere and follow your heart . I love my family.

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