Un nouvel album de KILLER BE KILLED

4 ans après la sortie du premier album du supergroup KILLER BE KILLED, Max Cavalera (SOULFLY), Troy Sanders (MASTODON), Greg Puciato (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN), et le batteur Ben Koller, se réunissent aujourd’hui à Phenix au Texas, dans les locaux de SOULFLY pour y écrire ce qui va devenir le deuxième album du groupe.

C’est Max Cavalera qui a révélé l’information lors d’une interview avec « Red Light District Show » et disponible ci-dessous. Voici sa déclaration: « We’re actually practicing tomorrow. The guys are flying here to Phoenix and we’re gonna go to our Soulfly place of practice, which is like this big warehouse that we have [with] all our gear there. So they’re flying in, and they rented a house. So, yeah, we’re gonna finally, finally get some new stuff. We’ll try to write as much as we can. I’m really excited.

I think we’re gonna definitely have a new Killer Be Killed [album] next year, man — I can say that I’m pretty much 99 percent sure it’s gonna happen… Hopefully we’ll have some stuff done [during this songwriting session], enter the studio sometime… I’m hoping maybe at the end of the year we can actually go in the studio and record some, and continue maybe next year, and have a record out next year. That’s the perfect plan for me, at least I think in my mind. »



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